Rubeola (Measles)



Incubation Period

Periods of Communicability


  • 1. Prodromal (Cartarrhal) Stage Fever malaise followed by 24 hr 3 C’s COUGH CONJUNCTIVITIS AND CORYZA; Koplik spots.
    • Sxs may increase until rash appears
  • 2. Rash: 3 to 4 days after prodromal.
    • Begin as maculopapular eruptions on face and spreads downward.
    • Severe in earlier site and less intense in later sites. ; after 3 to 4 day brownish appearance fine esquamation
  • 3. Constitutional sign and symptoms: anorexia, ab pain, malaise, lymphadenopathy



  • 1. Isolation until fifth day of rash
  • 2. Airborne precautions
  • 3. Encourage rest during prodromal stage; quite activity
  • 4. FEVER: Antipyretic; avoid chilling; seizure precaution
  • 5. EYE CARE: dim light; warm saline solution to remove crust; avoid rubbing eyes
  • 6. CORYZA COUGH: Cool mist vape; protect skin and nares with petrolatum; Encourage fluid and soft bland food
  • 7. SKIN CARE: Clean; use tepid bath