Personality Disorder

Personality A Disorders

Paranoid personality disorder
Presentation( Damaged SCUBA Gear )

Doubts loyalty of friends and peers.
Suspicion that others are trying to cause harm to them.
Can’t confide in others due to fear of info being used against them.
Untrustworthy perception of spouse/sexual partner’s fidelity.
Benign remarks or events seem to have hidden threats.
Anger easily due to perceived attacks on character.
Grudge bearing.
Management– individual or group therapy (1st line)
– short term antipsychotics if severe

Diazepam for agitation and anxiety.
Haloperidol for severe cases and delusions.
Schizoid personality disorder
Presentation(Foreign Policy IDEAS)

First degree relatives only friends.
Pleasure not seen in many activities.

Indifferent to praise or criticism.
Detached emotional affect.
Enjoyment of close relationships gone.
Activities are always done in isolation.
Sex has no appeal.
Management– individual or group therapy (1st line)

Prozac & Zoloft for depression
Schizotypal personality disorder
Presentation(IMPOSES Foreign Policy )

Ideas of reference. Inappropriate or constricted affect.
Magical thinking.
Perceptual experiences. ( Mild hallucinations )
Speech and thoughts are odd.
Eccentric behavior.
Social situations provide anxiety due to paranoia.

Family only friends.
Management– CBT
– individual or group therapy (1st line)

Haldol & Risperdal for ideas of reference.
Prozac and Zoloft for secondary depression.

Personality B Disorders

Borderline personality disorder
Presentation(Irritable, Agitated MEDUSAS )

Abandonment is a huge fear.

Mood swings.
Dissociation and paranoia due to stress.
Unstable relationships ( love him…HATE HIM..)
Self-image insecurity.
Suicidal behavior or mutilation.
Management– psychotherapy (TOC)

Mood: Valproate
Antipsychotics: Haldol, Risperidone
SSRI: Prozac
Histrionic personality disorder
Presentation( US RADIOS )

Uncomfortable if not given attention.
Sexually provocative.

Rapid change of shallow emotions.
Appearance key to gaining attention.
Impressionistic speech ( Vapid speech )
Overestimates intimacy of relationships
Suggestible to others’ influences.
Management– psychotherapy (TOC)
Narcissistic personality disorder
Presentation(GAUGES EAE)

Unique and special qualities seen in themselves
Gains through exploitation of others.
Empathy gone.
Success fantasies.

Entitled to favorable treatment.
Admiration NEEDED from others.
Envious or thinks others are envious.
Management– psychotherapy (TOC)

SSRI for depression.
Lithium for mood swings.
Antisocial personality disorder
Presentation(Super Impulsive LIARS )

Social norms disregarded.

Lying for profit or pleasure.
Irresponsible at work and financially.
Remorse absent after harming someone else.
Safety of self or others not important.
Management– psychotherapy (est. limits)

Risperdal, Lithium & SSRI for aggression

Personality C Disorders

Avoidant personality disorder
PresentationAvoids social activities.
Certainty of being liked needed to get involved with people.
Restrained in relationships for fear of ridicule.
Preoccupied with being criticized in social situations.
Low self esteem.
Reluctant to engage in new activities due to risk of embarrassing failures.
Feeling of inadequacy restrains interpersonal situations.
Propranolol for anxiety.
SSRI for depression.
Dependent personality disorder
PresentationReassurance needed to make decisions.
Defers responsibility to others for major needs.
Disagreement difficult with those they’re clinging due to fear of loss of support.
Initiation lacking.
Unpleasant tasks undertaken to garner favor with those they’re clinging to.
Helpless or uncomfortable when alone.
Urgent need to replace relationships when they end.
Preoccupied with fear of isolation.
ManagementPropranolol for anxiety.
SSRIs for depression.
Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder
Presentation(Fierce CHIMPS Wash)

Fine details huge subject of preoccupation.
Perfectionism interferes with completing task.
Work devotion and productivity leads to exclusion of friends and leisure.
Inflexible about morals / ethics.
Control freaks in delegating tasks.
Miserly spending.