OMT Viscerosomatic Reflexes

The OMT Viscerosomatic Reflexes, part of the OMT section provides High Yield Information needed for COMLEX Level 1, 2, 2PE, 3, Medical School, Residency, and as a practicing Physician.

OMT Viscerosomatic Reflexes Table

OrgansSympathetic Parasympathetic
(Sinuses, Eustachian tube, Lacrimal glands, Salivary glands)
T1-4CN 3, 7, 9, 10
(Thyroid Glands)
T1-4CN 3, 7, 9, 10
HeartT1-5 (L)Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
LungsT2-7Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
EsophagusT2-T8Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Upper Extremities T2-8Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Upper GI tract:
Stomach (L)
Liver (R)
Gallbladder & Biliary Tree (R)
Pancreas (R)
Spleen (L)
Duodenum (R)
T5-9 (L)
Greater Splanchnic Nerve
Celiac Ganglion
Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Middle GI tract:
Small Intestine
(jejunum, ileum)
Transverse Colon
Ascending Colon
T10-11Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Appendix T12Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Lower GI tract:
Transverse Colon
Descending Colon
Sigmoid Colon
T12-L2Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4
Adrenal MedullaT10Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Superior Mesenteric Ganglion
Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
OvariesT10-T11Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
TestesT10-T11Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Upper UreterT10-T11
Superior Mesenteric Ganglion
Vagus (OA, AA, C2)
Lower UreterT12-L1
Inferior Mesenteric Ganglion
Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4
Uterus and CervixT10-L2Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4
Penis and ClitorisT11-L2Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4
BladderT11-L2Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4
ProstateT11-L2Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4
LegsT11-L2Pelvic Splanchnic S2-4

Referred Pain

Def. – Visceral afferent sensory fibers arrive at same spinal segments that give rise to preganglionic sympathetic somatic nerves
ViscerosomaticMI pain at left chest (read in order visceral problem cause somatic pain)
ViscerovisceralGastric distention increase LI motility
SomatosomaticPain in hand, withdraw hand
SomatovisceralTART T1-5 that worsens asthma

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