OMT Chapman Tender Points

The OMT Chapman Tender Points section provides High Yield Information needed for COMLEX Level 1, 2, 2PE, 3, Medical School, Residency, and as a practicing Physician.

OMT Chapman Tender Points

  • Chapman’s Reflex/Tender Points are small, discrete tissue texture changes located just deep to the skin.
  • The Chapman point is an outward physical representation of internal dysfunction or pathology of an organ system.
  • Chapman Reflex Definition:
    • 1. A system of reflex points that represent as predictable anterior and posterior fascial tissue texture abnormalities (plaque-like changes or stringiness of the involved tissues) assumed to be reflexions of visceral dysfunction or pathology. Owens
  • *Note: “Reflex”: An automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.
  • Features:
    • Small (2-3mm Diameter)
    • Smooth
    • Firm
    • Discretely palpable
    • Partially fixed
    • Can not be displaced
    • Painful with dysfunction of the segment

OMT Chapman Tender Points Table

Part/Organs Anterior Posterior
Ear Medial 1/3 clavicle
Sinuses Between clavicle and 1st rib Upper Cervical/Posterior Neck
Pharynx Manubrium-Clavicle Junction
Esophagus/Thyroid/Bronchi2nd ICS
Heart 2nd ICS between T2-T3 TP
Upper Lung 3rd ICS between T3-T4 TP
Lower Lung 4th ICS between T4-T5 TP
Stomach Acid 5th ICS on the left between T5-T6 TP on the left
Stomach Motility 6th ICS on the left between T6-T7 TP on the left
Spleen 7th ICS on the left between T7-T8 TP on the left
Liver 5th ICS on the right between T5-T6 TP on the right
Gallbladder 6th ICS on the right between T6-T7 TP on the right
Pancreas 7th ICS on the right between T7-T8 TP on the right
Adrenal 2″ superior, 1″ lateral of umb between T11-T12 SP & TP
Kidney1″ superior, 1″ lateral of umb between T12-L1 SP & TP
Appendix Tip of 12th Right Rib T11 TP
Colon IT Band (mirror image)
Bladder Periumbilical region L2 TP
Prostate Posterior IT band between PSIS & L5 TP

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