HS SAT Vocab

SAT A words

abate v. to become less active, less intense, or less in amount
abstract adj. existing purely in the mind; not representing actual reality
abysmal adj. extremely bad
accordingly adv. in accordance with
acquisition n. the act of gaining a skill or possession of something
adapt v. to make suit a new purpose; v. to accommodate oneself to a new condition, setting, or situation
adept adj. having knowledge or skill (usu. in a particular area)
adequate adj. having sufficient qualifications to meet a specific task or purpose
advent n. the arrival or creation of something (usu. historic)
adversarial adj. relating to hostile opposition
advocate n. someone who promotes or defends something; v. to defend or promote something (usu. a belief, theory, opinion, etc.)
aesthetic adj. relating to beauty or refined taste
afford v. to be able to buy; v. to be able to spare
agitate v. to promote something (usu. a cause)
allow v. to permit or consent to
allude v. to make a secretive mention of something
altercation n. a noisy argument or confrontation
ambiguous adj. unclear or vague in meaning
ambitious adj. having a powerful desire for success or achievement
ambivalence n. the state of being uncertain or stuck between two or more options
analogous adj. similar but not identical
annihilate v. to destroy or cause devastating destruction
anomaly n. something different from the norm
anticipate v. assume to be or likely to happen
antipathy n. a strong feeling of dislike
apex n. the highest point of something
apprehension n. fearful expectation of something
articulate v. to clearly express in words
artificial adj. something made; not occurring naturally
assertion n. a strong declaration
austere adj. extremely plain; adj. stern and forbidding; adj. relating to self-denial
authenticity n. the quality of being real and true instead of fake and contrived
avenue n. an intangible path or approach to something
avid adj. actively interested in or enthusiastic about something

SAT B Words

Bacchanala party animal; a drunken reveler; a drunken revelry or orgy
Balefulmenacing; threatening
Balkto abruptly refuse (to do something); to stop short
Ballyhoosensational advertising or promotion; uproar
Balmsomething that heals or soothes
Bandyto toss back and forth; to exchange
Banteran exchange of light, playful, teasing remarks
Baroqueextravagantly ornate; flamboyant in style
Barragea concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area
Baublea gaudy trinket; a small, inexpensive ornament
Bedlama noisy uproar; a scene of wild confusion
Begrudgeto envy another’s possession or enjoyment of something; to be reluctant to give, or to give grudginly
Behestcommand; order
Bemoanto mourn about; to lament
Benedictiona blessing; an utterance of good wishes
Benightedignorant; unenlightened
Bestowto present as a gift
Biliousill-tempered; cranky
Bivouaca temporary encampment, especially of soldiers
Blanchto turn pale; to cause to turn pale
Blandmild; tasteless; dull
Blissperfect contentment; extreme joy
Blusterto roar; to be loud
Bombastpompous or pretentious talk or writing
Bon Vivanta person who enjoys good food, good drink, and luxurious living
Bona Fidesincere; done or made in good faith; authentic; genuine
Boona blessing; a benefit
Boora rude or churlish person
Bootygoods taken from an enemy in war; plunder; stolen or confiscated goods
Botchto bungle; to ruin through poor or clumsy effort
Brandishto wave or flourish in a menacing or vigorous fashion
Bravadoa false show or ostentatious show of bravery or defiance
Brawnbig muscles; great strength

Brazenimpudent; bold
a violation; a gap or break
Bristleto stiffen with anger; to act in a way suggestive of an animal whose hair is standing on end; to appear in some way similar to hair standing on end
Bromidea dull obvious overfamilar saying; a cliche
Brusque(adj.) abrupt, blunt, with no formalities
Buffoona joker, especially one who is coarse or acts like a clown

a wall used as a defensive fortification
Byzantineextremely intricate or complicated in structure; having to do with the Byzantine Empire

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